The Sony hack and information leak has revealed a number of strange details about the inner workings of one entertainment’s largest companies. Among them are that employees hate Adam Sandler’s movies, they’re planning a bizarre Jump Street/Men in Black crossover movie, and that some executives believe Kevin Hart is “a whore.”

But this might be the weirdest one of all.

A pitch floating around the studio has Will Ferrell playing a version of disgraced former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, with Melissa McCarthy playing his wife Shelly and Kristen Wiig playing Donald’s mistress. The pitch cites Danny DeVito’s 1986 movie Ruthless People as its inspiration, and also suggests that frequent Ferrell collaborator Adam McKay be brought on to direct.

Sadly, no script exists yet for this cinematic tour de force. Indeed, the idea of Ferrell agreeing to play “Ronald Sperling” (like seriously, that’s his name in this theoretical movie) is likely to remain purely a fantasy. It’s tough to imagine a comedic role being beneath someone who will do basically anything for a laugh, but this role really is completely beneath Ferrell.


[via Deadspin]