Notable movies: Dogtooth, Keep the Lights On, Attenberg

Bakatakis is responsible for the chilly, fly-on-the-wall lensing of the two films that started the Greek Weird Wave: Dogtooth and Attenberg. Apparently that film movement has already ended, but that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise—nihilism, incest, and nature documentaries don’t have the longest shelf lives. 

From the ashes of that detached, deadpan ickiness comes The Lobster—the English-language debut from Yorgos Lanthimos (director of Dogtooth). It stars Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, John C. Reilly, and Lea Seydoux. With that cast and this plot log line (“A dystopian future where single people are arrested and sent to a creepy hotel where they have 45 days to find a mate or they will be transformed into an animal and released into the woods”), we are expecting a larger art-house audience and some crazy visuals. 

Quick question: Can you choose which animal you’ll turn into? Because that doesn’t sound so bad. But I guess if the hotel of forced coupling has such guests as the next Bond squeeze (Seydoux), it might be worth attempting to match. And if Seydoux passes, we get to be a fox, right?

If there is indeed mating in The Lobster, prepare for some of the best sex scenes that you’ll ever see. Director Ira Sachs, for whom Bakatakis shot Keep the Lights On, said that the Greek cinematographer is currently, “[Shooting] sex better than anyone else working today … For Thimios, sex is just a part of life. The camera doesn’t have to shoot it any different than a dinner scene or a birthday party.”