Notable movies: Eden, Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

Director Jeremy Saulnier was his own cinematographer on the low-budget, high-tension revenge thriller, Blue Ruin. The micro-indie earned fair comparisons to the Coen Brothers’ first feature, Blood Simple. For Saulnier’s follow-up, Green Room, he hired Porter to lens the carnage. 

It makes perfect sense, as—speaking of the Coen Brothers—Porter’s most recent film, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, followed a young Japanese woman who traveled to Fargo, North Dakota to try to find the briefcase of money that Steve Buscemi’s character buries at the end of Fargo. Porter smartly didn’t attempt to mimic Roger Deakins’ filming of Fargo. Porter’s Fargo is a lonely, foreign white. 

Green Room sounds immensely and ridiculously fun: Neo-Nazis hold a punk rock group hostage after witnessing a crime. The leader of the skinheads? Resident nice-guy Patrick Stewart, who is finally using his bald dome for evil.