Notable movies: About Time, Like Crazy, Cartoon Network's Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

Science fiction is always a great change of pace for an indie director to show that they can make the studio leap. Look what it did for Rian Johnson—from Brick to Looper to two of the next three Star Wars movies. Could Drake Dormeus, director of two of the most truthful (and thereby hurtful) romances of the past few years—Like Crazy and Breathe In—be the next to climb the indie ladder with Equals? A lot of that depends on his DP (Guleserian) expanding the director’s canvas. You don’t point and shoot a sci-fi film. 

Okay, Equals is a futuristic romance (between Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult). There are no hitmen or wormholes (we think), so maybe Star Wars isn’t next. But luckily Dormeus’ trusty cinematographer has experience with the ever-tricky sci-fi romance, by shooting the underrated About Time with an unseen flair for a quick, bouncy montage. Guleserian expertly conveyed the barriers of romance in Like Crazy (distance) and Breathe In (in the shadows). With Equals, we’re curious to see how he’ll lens a love story during a time when emotions have already been erased.