It was a slow death twelve years in the making, but Two and a Half Men has been laid to rest. The long running CBS show was just canceled. Now the question is whether Charlie Sheen will be returning for the show’s last bow? Sheen had recently said he “owes it to the fans” to return. How about Angus T. Jones? JK, there's no chance in hell for that happening.

Despite being seemingly unpopular, the show managed to nab solid ratings regularly and should get some cred for weathering Sheen’s notorious exit from the show, replaced by Ashton Kutcher. And later Jones similarly bizarre departure.

If you’re curious, Two and a Half Men’s series finale will air Feb. 19, 2015. The show’s timeslot will be replaced with The Odd Couple, a Matthew Perry led series, which will probably also be canceled.  


[via People]