The O.C. leaves behind several legacies. Comic-book geeks scoring untold wins. Parents with subplots as interesting as their randy kids. An indie band soundtrack. And of course, Chrismukkah. But it's bigger than Seth's genius Christmas/Hanukkah fusion. Across all four seasons, The O.C. honored pretty much every holiday, save Halloween for some odd reason.

We all remember the Thanksgiving when everything changed for Seth Cohen. Kirsten Cohen is ride-or-die for Valentine's Day. There's a Chrismukkah episode for every season. "The Countdown" may be the most relevant New Year's Eve-themed special in all of television. Hell, season four even did Groundhog Day. As the holiday season draws to a close, spend the last of '14 reminiscing on how one of your favorite series growing up showed out for just about every holiday in style. (And some losses. Season three does still exist, after all.)

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