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You know what’s a bad idea? Flying a drone with sharp blades around a crowded restaurant.

You know what TGI Fridays is doing? Flying drones with sharp blades around crowded restaurants.

Friday’s debuted the “Mistletoe Drone”—a marketing concept nearly as dangerous and insane as $10 for unlimited potato skins—in a few of their restaurants last Thursday, and it’s already going horribly wrong. While the drone is supposed to float harmlessly over patrons’ heads, dangling mistletoe and inducing random public makeouts over a steaming plate of pot stickers, at least one sliced a patron’s face open instead.

A reporter from Brooklyn Daily was trying to report on the robotic wonder, but instead had to watch in horror as his photographer was struck in the face by the rotating blades instead, drawing blood. The chopper pilot immediately set about blaming the victim, saying “If people get hurt, they’re going to come regardless. People get hurt in airplanes, they still fly. There is a risk involved — anything flying, there is risk.”

Hm. Interesting logic.


[via UPROXX]