An Oklahoma teacher has been fired for failing to realize clown cars aren't good models for transporting children. Heather Cagle was dismissed from her job after she crammed 11 children into her Honda Accord for a snack run. In her blatant disregard for the Accord's official capacity of five, Cagle placed two of the children into her trunk. 

Cagle, a middle school math teacher, says she wanted to reward her children by taking them to the Wal-Mart a quarter mile away. Even if she hadn't spent five minutes stuffing the kids into her car like a grocery bagger working with the lives of adolescents, her trip would have violated the rule requiring parents' permission for their kids to leave the school. 

"This was a terrible mistake," Cagle said during her school board hearing. "I didn't want to hurt anyone. I just wanted to do something nice."

While her heart was in the right place, it's hard to believe her head wasn't there, too. It's not like Cagle is some newbie. She'd been teaching at the school for ten years before the woefully stupid incident. That should have been enough experience to make her think, "Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't stack up seven kids in a pyramid on the back seat."

[via NY Daily News]