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With millions upon millions of smartphones being manufactured every year, there's bound to be a few defective models scattered around. They might freeze, bend, or catch on fire while your in bed. 

Twenty-two-year-old Hope Casserly of the University of Guelph in Canada says that her Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 exploded while on her bedside table last October as she fell asleep. "I saw a light going across my shoulder, which would be the inside of the battery on fire. It hit the wall and fell onto my bed," she told the CBC. "Afterwards I realized like, how severe the situation could have ended up and that frightened me quite a bit." The phone's fiery parts flew in different directions, causing two separate fires in her room. Check out some of the pictures in a post from her Facebook account:

Post by Hope Casserly.


Casserly and her father hit up Samsung to tell them about the exploding smartphone, and were told to send the device to Korea for examination. Samsung then responded and said that Casserly was using a third-party battery, though she denies having ever switched it (some third-party batteries and sockets are known for causing electrical fires, so be careful what you buy). The company sent her a new Galaxy Ace 2, though Casserly says she's now scared to use it.

So, #FireGate and #BendGate made 2014 an epic year for smartphone malfunctions—what's 2015 going to bring us?