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Saturday Night Live has traditionally been a show that thrived on making light of difficult subjects, handling even gravely serious situations like 9/11 with an impressive balance of humor and respectfulness. Knowing that, it’s honestly a bit of a surprise that they cut the above sketch about Ferguson, Mo. from Saturday night’s show.

The sketch is a throwback in the way that it tosses out numerous hilarious and politically incorrect lines (“blackies” instead of “Black Keys,” James Franco proclaiming that he is a victim) while simultaneously staying very much self-aware. The question is: why would they cut it? Purely guessing, the most likely scenario is that a higher up at NBC nixed the sketch because of how fresh the wounds still are from the grand jury’s decision not to charge Darren Wilson, along with the subsequent protests.

What do you guys think? Was it too soon to start making jokes, or did NBC overreact?

[via UPROXX]