American journalist James Foley was beheaded by ISIS in August, and now a report alleges that the militant group is trying to sell his body for $1 million.

According to BuzzFeed, sources serving as intermediates told them that the ISIS would offer DNA samples to confirm that the remains are Foley's: 

They said ISIS wants $1 million for Foley’s body, which it would deliver across the border to Turkey, and that the group was willing to provide a DNA sample to facilitate a deal.

If true, the attempted sale would highlight the ruthlessness behind the hostage-taking enterprise that has provided ISIS with deep reservoirs of funds and publicity — as well as the group’s cold calculation as it works to raise more cash.

Furthermore, an ex-rebel told BuzzFeed that he was asked to find a link to Foley's family or the U.S. government by ISIS leadership. He explained that they will give up the DNA sample, but "[not] without the money."

BuzzFeed noted that the U.S. State Department is "seeking more information" on the matter. 

[via BuzzFeed]