For those of you who don't follow snarky joke-makers on Twitter, last night NBC unleashed their latest so-bad-it's-amazing live musical, Peter Pan Live!, starring the annoying friend from Girls and Christopher Walken's tap-dancing corpse. Heading into the three-hour extravaganza (Three hours!? Jesus.), the hate-watch alarm was blaring—NBC's previous attempt at this sort of thing, The Sound of Music Live!, was a disasterAllison Williams was playing a boy with a British accent and a Justin Bieber haircut, and again, Christopher Walken:

But I don't think anyone expected Peter Pan Live! to be so weird. Like, so weird that people thought they were tripping on acid while watching To Catch a Predator. As you might've assumed, this threw a wrench into the hate-watching experience, but it only made the reactions better. Here are our favorites:

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