Microsoft analyst Mary Jo Foley has announced that the company have finally come up with a replacement for its stalwart—and let's face it, pretty boring—Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. Codenamed 'Spartan,' the new browser will be streamlined to coincide with the launch of Microsoft's upcoming OS Windows 10.

While the final name for the browser has not been released, Microsoft employees have previously discussed their plans to abandon the IE brand for something more akin to Google's slicker alternative Chrome, or the open-source Mozilla Firefox browser. For consumers resistant to the change or already happy with IE, Microsoft is also planning to include a backwards-compatible version of the browser's current incarnation Internet Explorer 11 as well.

The IE brand is due to celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, but with the release of 'Spartan,' it looks like Microsoft may be finally gearing up to listen to its critics with both the cleaner design of Windows 10 (reminiscent of Windows 7, but with Windows 8's divisive tile system now attached to the start menu), as well as the retirement of the unfashionable IE brand for something a little more current.

[via Ars Technica]

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