Jonathan Soma, a programmer from Brooklyn culled data from the American Community Survey data in 2012, and built an interesting map that illustrates the gender breakdown of the unmarried population of the U.S. (which is 105 million of the U.S. population). 

The gender ratio numbers, however, do not account for sexual orientation as it just took data from single or unmarried status and gender. Similarly a number of unmarried individuals are also in monogamous relationships but would be represented as single in these maps. But the interesting takeaway is that while there are significantly more single men in their twenties and thirties than single women in their twenties and thirties, once the population crosses into the 40s and 50s the tables start to turn in singledom, with significantly more single women than men, particularly on the east coast. (below, via Vox)

So, guys, if you're feeling lonely this holiday season: hold on for one more day. And another. And another...

[via Vox]


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