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On the heel of Discovery's Eaten Alive special that promised that a man would be devoured by an anaconda on cable television–which didn't even come close to actually happening–we've got a story about man vs. nature that should slake your thirst for human blood. 

Brandon Johnson was helping friends track a black bear that had been shot by a friend. Johnson, a lifelong hunter, was having trouble tracking the bear during the night, but that turned out to be the least of his problems as the black bear found Johnson first. Briefly knocking the hunter unconscious, the bear snatched the hunter up by his left arm before he knew what was happening. Luckily, Johnson remembered that he was carrying a 5-inch knife. 5-inches of steel may not seem like much compared to a 525-pound black bear to standstill with 5 inch hunting knife, but Johnso managed to fight the bear off...momentarily.  

"One tooth of the bear just broke the bone right in half, It's just going to town on my hand and I just keep stabbing it and stabbing it and stabbing away and I am screaming and yelling."

The bear came back for a second attack, left again, and finally came back for a third and final assault on Johnson. Johnson was ultimately able to shove the knife into the bear's throat for the killing stroke. This final gambit worked as the bear picked up the hunter up, slammed him to ground, and retreated to the woods to finally succumb to its wounds. Johnson was rescued by two friends were he was treated by waiting ambulances for his injuries.  Johnson is recovering from his wounds and his friends have set up a crowdfunding site to help cover his medical expenses.

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