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A man was fatally shot by NYPD officers after stabbing a student as he  prayed inside of a Brooklyn synagogue early this morning. 

The New York Daily News reports that the police department's anti-terrorism unit was deployed to Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters just before 2 a.m. According to the Daily News, Calvin Peters, 49, stabbed 22-year-old Levi Rosenviat in the neck at random. A witness told the Daily News that Peters was heard yelling "I want to kill the Jew! I want to kill the Jew!" upon entering the synagogue. 

Grainy video footage shows Peters complying when police order him to drop the knife. However, he picks it up once again, prompting police to yell "Drop the f******" knife" before shooting him once in the stomach when he refuses. 

Peters died at Kings County Hospital at 3:15 a.m. Rosenviat was treated at the same hospital, where police say he's in stable condition. The incident is currently under investigation.

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