The winter holidays and Los Angeles don't go well together. Or it seems that way to outsiders, at least. It should be impossible for a city that calls 50- and 60-degree weather winter to properly do justice to a season defined by snow and ice. But the reality is that L.A. does a fantastic job of getting into the holiday spirit.

If you know where to look, you can have many of the same experiences in sunny L.A. as you would in frigid cities like Denver or Chicago. Los Angeles even offers many holiday activities that you couldn't find anywhere else. You can go ice-skating and tubing outdoors within miles of a beach and then watch a boat parade the next. You can attend Ray J's all-white Christmas gala. It's incredible. Don't let anyone tell you that the City of Angels can't do the holidays right. Here are 13 Ways to Get Into the Holiday Spirit in L.A.