While most young adults would be grossed out by the idea of their mom getting laid, they don things a little different in the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

With Kris Jenner in the throes of her “honeymoon period” with new man Corey Gamble, it sounds like all is once again well in Kardashian land. 59-year-old Kris and 34-year-old Gamble were apparently all over each other in Aspen, Colo. at a fashion show benefit for the Aspen Art Museum, and the daughters could not be more thrilled.

According to a Page Six source, Kim, Kourtney, et al. “are happy she’s found a man. They felt she was unsettled because she wasn’t getting enough sex.”

No word yet on whether Gamble is changing his name to “Korey,” but at this rate it seems inevitable.

[via Page Six]