Terrence Malick’s latest, Knight of Cups, stars Christian Bale as he contemplates a life in L.A.,naturally, full of excess—sex,celebrity, you name it—he’s got it. Sure, it’s not as extra as Wolf of Wall Street (Airplane orgy anyone?), but this isn’t the life he wanted. This isn’t the man he wanted to be. 

Watch Bale’s life be adorned by beautiful women like Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman, who apparently feuded with Bale on this film, and hear Antonio Banderas talk about women as flavors of the week: “Sometimes you want raspberry then after a while you want some strawberry” in the trailer.

The cast includes the aforementioned Banderas, Freida Pinto, Wes Bentley, Isabel Lucas, Teresa Palmer, Imogen Poots, Armin Mueller-Stahl and the voice of Ben Kingsley.

As for that headscratcher of a title? It's explained in the film's synopsis:

Once there was a young prince whose father, the king of the East, sent him down into Egypt to find a pearl. But when the prince arrived, the people poured him a cup. Drinking it, he forgot he was the son of a king, forgot about the pearl and fell into a deep sleep. Rick’s father used to read this story to him as a boy. The road to the East stretches out before him. Will he set forth?

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