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It really feels like Joaquin Phoenix’s life is just kind of one big performance art piece.

The latest installment? His appearance last night on The Late Show. In it, he details his experience “harnessing in the hog” in his yoga class (including the positioning of his junk, which he seamlessly referred to as “Julio Iglesias”), and how this ultimately led to him getting engaged to his yoga instructor. It also led to several strong “harness the hog” jokes from David Letterman.

Well, it turns out the engagement was completely made up. Phoenix told George Stephanopoulos this morning “I think like my life’s so boring, and it seemed like something exciting to talk about, and I wanted the audience to like me. They really like people getting married.”

He then went on to claim he was also engaged to both Reese Witherspoon and Kelly Ripa, because hey, why not?

[via UPROXX]