It's been about a couple of months since Jennifer Lawrence said goodbye to Chris Martin. Initially, we figured they split up because he wouldn't stop cry-singing "Yellow" to her in the shower, but now it seems like Martin might have just not loved pizza enough. And now JLaw's found a dude who does.

According to the New York Daily News, last night Lawrence and director Gabe Polsky (I could list the movies he's directed, but you wouldn't know any of them) got together at his house and did a little more than just "read scripts." I don't mean they had sex. I mean they ate a lot of pizza. A delivery man was spotted dropping off two pies and then 30 minutes later another delivery man came with more pizza. 

That's a crazy amount of pizza, but you have to figure Gabe was put in a bind after this happened to the first pie:

And then JLaw was like:

Yo Gabe (and Chris Martin, and Nicholas Hoult), you gotta have Pizza Hut on speed dial if you wanna rock with Jennifer.

[via New York Daily News]