Whether you like him or not, Kevin Hart is clearly a juggernaut in the world of movies right now. The guy makes serious bank at the theater, and putting him in your movie is a great way to guarantee a profit. Hell, even having him associated with your movie can make a huge difference.

Hart is no fool, either; he knows this just as well as the studios do. The man has 14.8 million Twitter followers and another 9.7 million on Instagram, and his word is basically law to many of them. So if you want him to give the Hart Seal of Approval to a movie, you better believe you’re going to pay.

A new Hart-related email from the Sony hack shows that the comedian pulled in a cool $2 million just for tweeting about No Good Deed, and that Sony was looking to have him do something similar for The Equalizer:

You can call him “a whore” if you like (and some have); I’d argue he’s one of this generation’s finest capitalists. Ayn Rand would be so proud.


[via The Root]