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A Florida woman was arrested over the weekend for attacking her twin sister during a dispute over a battery-operated boyfriend and an actual one. 

The Smoking Gun reports that 48-year-old Heidi Creamer (yes, that's her real name) of Ellenton, Fla. punched her twin sister, Holly, in the face and scratched the woman in a bizarre dispute on Sunday afternoon. Responding police officers arrived to find Heidi locked outside of the apartment she shares with her sister and boyfriend, "screaming and [shaking]" while attempting to escape police custody. 

After finally being placed in the back of a police cruiser, Heidi Creamer explained that she and her sister were fighting over her boyfriend and a vibrator. She was charged with domestic battery and taken to Manatee County Jail. 

Lesson: sharing too many things can be the catalyst for an ugly situation. 

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