Frozen director Jennifer Lee apologized to all the parents who have had to suffer through their children playing the soundtrack over and over and over. But really she was humblebragging. What she said was basically, "Sorry our movie is so popular." 

In an interview with THR Lee talked about her interactions with parents. 

"A year ago, I’d meet people who, when they found out who I was, they’d say, ‘Oh, we love the songs! We sing them all the time.’ Now they’re like, ‘Yep, we’re still listening to those songs.’ I’ve gone from, ‘Thank you,’ to, ‘Sorry!’"

Sounds like a good problem to have. For Lee, at least. Definitely not for the parents. When my little brother was an infant our family had to watch Finding Nemo daily, and I'm still suffering psychological damage. "Just keep swimming" isn't a mantra—it's my nightmare. 

[via A.V. Club]

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