America has lost a legend. Stephen Colbert will take the next step of his career by taking over David Letterman's desk next year, but last night "Stephen Colbert," the right-wing blowhard of our satirical fantasies, took his final bow. Few things are promised in this life, and one of the things we used to be able to count on in this cruel world is now gone.

In this era of uncertainty, we knew that we could tune into Comedy Central at 11:30 p.m. EST and watch Colbert do something ridiculous in the name of freedom. Whether he was taking his guest's applause for himself, commissioning yet another portrait within a portrait to hang above his mantle, or simply delivering a dose of "truthiness," Colbert did right by us, and put himself first while he did it. Though it's hard to accept that he's gone, at least he gave us one hell of a send-off. Here are our 10 Favorite Moments From Last Night's Final Colbert Report.