On today's "Desus vs. Mero"—a very special, extra-long episode and the last one of this eventful year—our hosts christen their own award ceremony: the "DVM-ies," honoring the good, the bad, and the Yacubian of 2014. Categories include Caucacity of the Year, Fight of the Year, Wingding of the Year, Worst Rapper of the Year, and the highly coveted RN of the Year. Hardcore DvM fans: See if you can guess the winners of each DVM-ie before you watch.  

But before they hand out trophies, the Bronx bullies throw some belated Knowledge Darts on Bobby Shmurda getting knockedLou Williams' girlfriend(s), Ma$e and the InstaPurge, and the unquenchable thirst for the Air Jordan XI "Legend Blues." Shout-outs to Rowdy Rebel, Baby Stase, Ani DiFranco, Russ Bengtson, and McKenzie Kuehnlein.

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And as for the next episode of DvM on Complex TV...you'll see us when you see us. Until then: STAY WOKE.