With The Colbert Report ending tonightStephen Colbert is kind of like the owner of a closing Big Lots—everything must go before Colbert heads to CBS to take over late-night for David Letterman. So on last night's penultimate episode, Colbert had an elaborate yard sale to get rid of all the knick-knacks he's gathered up over the years.

Hot items included Ass Juice™, the passport Colbert obtained for his balls, and a rare copy of the boardgame Afghandyland. One thing the Swisher Sweet-smoking Colbert couldn't sell though was the real-life Michael Stipe desk accessory. Too moody maybe?

Gotta say, this was pretty bittersweet—as funny as it is to watch Colbert get someone to give him their ATM pin, seeing him hawk the last pint of AmeriCone Dream makes the fact that the show's ending all too real.