Officials say that three cardboard cutouts meant to represent African-Americans were discovered dangling from nooses on the University of California, Berkeley's campus yesterday. 

According to the Associated Press, effigies bearing the names and dates that lynching victims died were found at two places on the university's campus yesterday morning. Amy Hamaoui, a spokesperson for the university, told the Associated Press that they appeared to be connected to protests about police brutality following the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and others: 

The effigies appear to be life-size photos of lynching victims. Two depicted men and third was a photograph of a female victim.

The effigies had names of lynching victims and the dates of their death. At least one effigy had "I Can't Breathe" printed on the front. Hamaoui said it's unclear who hanged the effigies.

The Associated Press adds that two effigies were removed by campus police, while the last one was taken down by a student. Hamaoui said the university is "unsure of the intent" behind the effigies.

​[via Associated Press]