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In a move that will surely make your "Employee of the Month" award look like garbage, BuzzFeed employees will be getting free Apple Watches from the company when they're released next year.

If you're counting, that's about $245,000 worth of smartwatches if BuzzFeed buys the cheapest version of the device for their more than 700 employees. This isn't just the Christmas spirit going around: BuzzFeed passed 200 million unique visitors and 750 million video views last month, so the Apple Watch is the reward. 

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti confirmed the news in a tweet:

Apple Watch FTW!!! Congrats to the BuzzFeed team on an amazing November!

— Jonah Peretti (@peretti) December 4, 2014

An announcement like this is certainly twisting the knife into other publications, like the New York Times, which is struggling financially and recently went through a round of buyouts meant to release up to 100 employees. Apple will surely love the publicity, especially since the smartwatch market is getting a little cramped with Motorola's Moto 360 and the Pebble Steel.

Check out what BuzzFeed employees can expect with our first impressions of the Apple Watch.