AMC has unveiled the art and a new trailer for Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spinoff that premieres on the network in less than two months.

While the still of Bob Odenkirk slumped over a payphone in the middle of the desert surely isn’t a still from an episode, it is in all likelihood an apt metaphor for the whole season; specifically, poor Saul is going to be overwhelmed all the time in much the same way as he was when he had Walter White as a client. Hopefully, he watches The Wire and learns the value of a good pager or burner phone, rather than having to trek into the middle of the wilderness to take his calls.

The teaser also doesn’t reveal much of anything about the show, apart from the fact that he seems to get his car dirty quite a lot. It always warms the heart to see that “LWYRUP” vanity plate again, though; whenever it comes into view, you know hilarity and moral bankruptcy are sure to follow.

[via The Wrap]