It's a meme's world now. These days when anything happens—and I mean anything from Odell Beckham Jr. catching a football to a random Vine user complimenting her fresh eyebrows—the internet grabs a hold of it, runs it through a joke blender, and turns it into a phenomenon. In a world of hashtags and re-vines, memes are king.

And 2014 was a boom year. We had five-year-old Noah Ritter, who went from dropping "apparently" a bajillion times on a local newscast to hosting segments on Ellen. Kermit the Frog drank some tea and minded his own business, tweeters asked all the important questions (#HitsBlunt), and Lance Stephenson became the big bad wolf, blowing on everything imaginable. And don't even get me started on the stuff that came out of Vine this year. Let's just say much of it was on fleek.

We put together all the memes that made Twitter worth Twitter-ing in 2014—all the gratatas, old men dancing, and shovel fights (Remember that!?!?). Check out the video above before LeBron James takes off his headband and the meme cycle begins churning once again.