Author: Rick Remender
Artist: Greg Tocchini
Publisher: Image

Rick Remender had a great year—his name appears multiple times on this list. He's one of the most daring, if occasionally controversial, writers in the business. Of his current slate of Image titles, Low may take the biggest risks. This is in part due to the Remender's storytelling, which is less breakneck than usual (Remender leans heavily on atmosphere) , but more so because Greg Tocchini's art is a smeary, surrealist marvel to behold.

The story is set under the ocean of a dying earth. Humanity has given up, falling into literal orgies of sex and violence to ease its pain. But even as the planet slips into oblivion, a mother and son fight to save humanity from extinction. As bleak as it sounds, Low is a story about never giving up hope, one that's told in a way we've never quite seen before.