Author: Rick Remender 
Artist: Matteo Scalera​
Publisher: Image Comics 

Yes, this is the third Remender comic on this list, but the guy is just that good. Black Science follows Grant Mackay and his band of "dimensionauts" as they skip from universe to universe in an effort to return home. Because the story requires that they jump through space every so often, Remender has given himself virtually unlimited license to create as strange and different worlds as he desires. What if, for instance, Native Americans had alien technology that allowed them to fend off settlers? What if intelligent life had evolved from amphibians instead of primates? These are just a few of the insane scenarios Remender and artist Matteo Scalera have dreamt up. (Scalera's art is a beauty to behold—perfectly pulpy, yet distinctly contemporary.) The resulting book is a kinetic ride from one adventure to the next.