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One plus one apparently equals three, at least according to the BBC.

After previously announcing that BBC Three would be moved online, the broadcaster today revealed that the channel would be replaced on digital terrestrial by a BBC One+1 service. 

BBC Three will be re-launched as a 24-hour online service, with programmes available not just on the iPlayer, but also on things like Youtube and Facebook. There’s apparently going to be more of a focus on “hard-hitting” longer form things like this year’s acclaimed Murdered by My Boyfriend, but also putting 20% of its budget to short-form content like micro-videos, listicles and GIFs.

Don’t expect comedy and drama though – according to a bizarre tweet from the BBC Entertainment News Team, the channel won’t be commission programmes under normal departments like comedy or documentary. Instead focusing on strange branded strands like "Make Me Think" & "Make Me Laugh".

This is what they said:

And Twitter was quick to make fun of that...

This guy gets it though.