Early Sunday morning, two men with shotguns robbed the Satin Dolls strip club in Lodi, New Jersey. While you search through your hazy memory bank to determine if that particular club is familiar to you, perhaps you'd know it by its fictional name: Bada Bing in The Sopranos

The Guardian reports that $30,000 was stolen from the safe, after one of the men hit the Dolls' manager with the butt of his shotgun. Earlier this year, the owner of Satin Dolls was actually exposed as a mob informant. To reduce his own sentence in exercising illegal control of waste hauling companies in Jersey, Anthony Cardinalle, previous owner of both Satin Dolls and The Harem (a nude juice bar in Lodi; classy!) gave info that led to 21 other individuals to plead guilty to their involvement in the waste management racketeering crimes.

Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini), who kept an office in the fictional Bada Bing, wouldn't have stood idly by during such a double-crossing. From Big Pussy to Richie Aprile, the deaths of so many Sopranos characters were plotted in the very place of this morning's violence and theft.

It turns out that, in a previous article summarizing numerous fictional strip clubs, Complex was correct about the Satin-Bada Bing: "being a regular here is hazardous to your health." We expect that the true regulars to the Satin Dolls club will be sure to stuff extra bills into those ladies' stockings before Christmas turns totally sour for everyone. Would that go into the "nice" column?

[via The Guardian]