The Big Easy is a natural setting for drama. New Orleans is sexy without the false notes of Vegas or L.A. The city is gritty without the melancholy of Baltimore or Detroit. The city is cultured without the pretension of New York. From A Streetcar Named Desire to Treme, New Orleans has long been a setting for drama of the highest caliber.

Less attention is paid to the comic tradition of New Orleans. The American masterpiece A Confederacy of Dunces is the best-known comic work to come out of the city, but various literary and cinematic projects have found humor there as well. Even some of the darkest dramas set in New Orleans find moments of vibrant, humorous charm, which only seems natural in a city known for its unflagging spirit of celebration.

Though there is a strong comic tradition in New Orleans, there have been few television shows that have taken advantage of the comedic possibilities of the setting. The recent boom in television production there has all but ensured that upcoming seasons will add to the list, but as it stands, the potential for television comedy in the Big Easy has been largely untapped. If tax credits and creative interest remain in New Orleans’ favor, then this list promises to grow. But, as it stands, there have been only a few sitcoms that have called NOLA home. Here is A Complete Guide To Sitcoms Set In New Orleans.