Movie Role: Alison Scott, Knocked Up (2007)

What Happened: Anne Hathaway turned down the lead female role in Judd Apatow's movie because they were going to show a vagina. Not her vagina, but someone's. And she just couldn't stand for that. So the role went to Katherine Heigl, who at the time was looking to break away from Grey's Anatomy. Technically she did, but she also became known as one of the most difficult actresses to work with in Hollywood. She went on to call Knocked Up "sexist," while everyone in the business basically went on to call her "garbage."

What Could Have Happened: Anne Hathaway actually nails the Knocked Up role and proves to everyone that she can be relatable and likable. When it comes time for her to host the Oscars in 2011, Seth Rogen calls up his BFF and her co-host, James Franco: "Dude, I swear, she's really cool. Don't just stand there silently smiling with a glazed-over look on your face all night tonight. Don't be Franco the Asshole. Be Charming Franco." It becomes the most entertaining Academy Awards in years, and Jennifer Lawrence never materializes, because America already has its sweetheart.

Katherine Heigl, though... Well, nothing different from what we've already seen. She was always destined to wade in the abyss of rom-com dread.