Baseball is America's pastime, football is it's passion, and The Walking Dead is killing both. For the third consecutive week, and the fourth time this season, AMC's zombie drama has beaten Sunday Night Football​'s ratings in the key 18-49 demographic. The pivotal AFC matchup last night between the Colts and Patriots drew a 6.2 rating, while Daryl and Carol's search for Beth did 15 percent better with a 7.3. 

Don't be surprised if The Walking Dead continues to rule Sunday nights. The show is nearing its mid-season finale in two weeks and gearing up for a showdown between Rick's crew and the overlords of Grady Memorial Hospital. Meanwhile NBC won't boast a better matchup than it had in last night's game, unless it gets some help with flex scheduling.

Even then it's hard to imagine a football game that's more compelling than the best season yet of The Walking Dead


[via Deadline]

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