Vince Vaughn doesn’t really concern himself when it comes to variety in the characters he plays; he pretty much always plays a man-child who, despite his undeniable talent and keen sense of humor, has a hard time getting out of his own way.

It appears he’ll hit that familiar note again in Unfinished Business, although given his supporting cast this movie looks like it might be a winner. Dave Franco in an ill-fitting suit and sporting a ridiculous grin is perfect as the over-his-head young guy, and the fact that Tom Wilkinson is even in a comedy should be reason enough to go see the movie.

Sienna Miller and James Marsden look pretty incredible as the film’s villains, two corporate managers who are trying to win over the same client as Vaughn, their former employee who left to start his own company. While it certainly seems like this will make up for Vaughn’s train wreck of a comedy The Internship, we won’t truly know until Unfinished Business hits theaters this March.

[via The Wrap]

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