The presenter: Chelsea “one of the greats” Peretti wrote on Parks & Recreation, and plays Gina in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

The gist: Sorry DJs, podcasts killed the radio star. To further the changeover, Peretti brings the phone-in show format to the MP3 era. She accepts unscreened calls from strangers and ends up being rude to them – either hanging up if they’re dull, or bringing up whatever she finds amusing. Expect philosophical disputes about the pros/cons of pasta, soup and coffee. Sometimes those dialling digits are recognisable names like Aziz Ansari, Tim Heidecker and The Kid Mero. There’s nothing phone-y about it.

Where to start:The case of the three gramas: Chelsea’s brother Jonah (founder and CEO of BuzzFeed) sits in and you won’t believe what happens next; “AC + eating disorders”: Chelsea’s uni friend Tchaiko pops by to discuss how she overcame a life-threatening eating condition.

Listen here.