The presenters: Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang Bang) and Harris Wittels (writer on Parks & Recreation, Eastbound & Down).

The gist: Wittels sets himself the Sisyphean task of carrying listeners to the cosmos via the extended jams of Phish – a rock act with a dedicated fan base, but considered an abomination by everyone else. Aukerman is a firm sceptic, eking out an ugly side from Wittels who takes every dig at his favourite band far too personally. Of course, what makes the podcast essential listening is the sharp interplay and intense stubbornness from both sides. Also, it temporarily morphs into Analyze Fish, a discussion show about Jaws.

Where to start: “Phish Live in NY”: Aukerman attends a concert under the promise that he takes acid beforehand; “A Crazy Moment in Phishtory”: Phish fans phone in to argue their case, and end up sounding exactly like you’d expect.

Analyze here.