The peak of comedy podcasts is happening right now. Your favourite comics are embracing the audio format because it’s the best way to maintain artistic controlno time restraints, no censors, no major costs. It’s only in Marc Maron’s garage that you’ll hear Louis CK break down in tears and candidly engage for two hours about why they’re no longer best friends. Once hooked, you’ll never again watch TV chat shows and their pre-planned 5-minute anecdotes.

Comedy is the new rock n’ roll? Podcasts are the new CDs – and each discovery means another back catalogue of MP3 goodness. You’ll no longer dread train journeys, sleepless nights, or cleaning the house. Chores will cease to be chores. You’ll even pick up industry terms such as “bits” (routines), “alt-hack” (dropping easy culture references) and “civilians” (non-comedians). Happiness is just an RSS feed away.