At first, it was only the insomniacs and people who work weird hours who had seen Adult Swim's Too Many Cooks, which aired for the first time at 4 AM earlier this week. Since most people don't keep such weird hours, it has taken a few days for the Internet to catch up. But catch up it has, and if you have missed it for some reason, feel free to check it out above, have your mind blown, then come back.

EW sat down with creator Chris “Casper” Kelly to attempt to answer the first question everyone had after watching it: what the hell?

Kelly described the video as a "one of those shower ideas that you don’t know what to do with," which is already kind of weird to think about. Most people do not think of endless sitcom intros with graphic murders in the shower, so Kelly might be in the minority on that one.

In any case, they managed to shoot the whole thing on a very limited budget and fit it into the 11 minute slot Adult Swim had given them. As for his inspiration, Kelly was a little more vague. "I’m a fan of David Lynch and Charlie Kaufman and Tim and Eric," he said, "and I wanted to try to do something weird like that. I was working intuitively."

He also said that a sequel is "possible," a somewhat terrifying prospect given how unsettling this original version is.

[via EW]