After one of fastest backlashes in recent memory, ITV2 announced that, shockingly, they won’t be renewing Dapper Laughs On The Pull for a second series. While Dapper Laughs himself is now pretty much public enemy number one, ITV themselves are coming under a fair amount of pressure for commissioning it in the first place. The debate whether or not it was misogynistic might continue, but everyone is in pretty much agreement that it was a terrible, unfunny show. But what did you expect from ITV2? The Jimmy Bullard to HBO’s Lionel Messi, the channel has reputation for broadcasting some of the most inane rubbish ever to air on British television. Previous ITV2 delights have included modelling competitions for dogs, Peter Andre electrocuting people’s boyfriends and Paris Hilton desperately longing for friendship. Here are some of their ‘classics’.