Forget the danger of walking into a pole on the sidewalk or developing something called phantom vibration syndrome, the new way your smartphone is going to ruin you is by crushing your spine with a force similar to carrying a 8-year-old on your head. 

A new study from spine surgeon Kennethh Hansraj shows that every time you tilt your head down to look at your phone, you're exerting up to 60 pounds of pressure on your head, causing spine problems with “early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly surgeries,” the study said. 

The more you bend your head, the worse the pressure, as illustrated in this chart Hansraj made.

texting spine

Hansraj suggests holding your phone at eye-level instead of looking down at it as a possible solution,  so prepare for your arm to get really tired (or just get spine surgery someday, you've probably got a few more good years, anyway).

[Via Huffington Post]