A Kentucky teacher resigned from her position after her job sought to quarantine her due to Ebola concerns following her trip to Kenya. For the record, Kenya isn't even close to the outbreak. 

Susan Sherman quit her job as a seventh and eighth grade teacher at Louisville, Kent.'s St. Margaret Mary Catholic School this week following the school's request that she place herself under the mandated 21-day incubation period following her return from Kenya. Rather than adhere to the somewhat ridiculous request, Sherman opted to resign.

According to the Courier-Journal, Herman, a registered nurse, and her husband Paul, a retired orthopedic surgeon, made four trips to Kenya to assist the organization Kenya Relief

Paul Sherman sent a letter to the Archdiocese of Louisville explaining that any concerns were simply "unfounded fears." Kenya Relief founder Steve James expressed disappointment with the culture of fear that's fueled the school's decision.

"We don't have Ebola in Kenya," he told the Courier-Journal, noting that it's troubling when people "haven't paid attention to the facts."

[via Daily Intelligencer and Courier-Journal]