A Florida man (it had to be Florida, didn't it?) was arrested for calling 911 on multiple occasions in search of a date. Yes, he was very intoxicated, but no, that does not excuse his behavior. 

According to ABC 7, 45-year-old Naples, Fla. resident Stephen Ramsey called 911 three times seeking a date. There are two major problems here. One, this man obviously as a problem with alcohol. Like, obviously:

Ramsey told deputies he has a drinking problem and was looking for an escort service to help him pass time. According to the arrest report, Ramsey was speaking with slurred speech when he was arrested.

Two, you have to feel for the woman who remains professional and patient throughout the 6-minute exchange. At one point, he asks her if she's into handcuffs. Strange enough, Collier County deputies got Ramsey into handcuffs.

He may be free on a $2,000 bond, but his next date will likely be in court. 

[via ABC 7]