Sony's Steve Jobs movie is going to develop trust issues. Just a couple weeks after Christian Bale left the biopic written by Aaron Sorkin, Sony has decided to sell the project's rights to another studio. Director Danny Boyle wanted to start production in January because he had a short window before his next film, but Sony didn't feel ready to kick things off, according to THR

The film has had issues casting a lead even before Bale left. Leonardo DiCaprio was originally offered the role before he bailed and gave Bale the opportunity to do the same. Michael Fassbender recently expressed interest in the gig but hasn't signed on officially. 

Universal is reportedly interested in acquiring the movie rights and turning it around for next year's awards season. But given its troubled past the movie may have a hard time finding a new home. It might need years of work before it's ready for another relationship. 


[via The Hollywood Reporter]