A Kentucky man has been indicted for hiring a contract killer to murder his family, then killing the hitman to avoid paying him. 

According to the Associated Press, the bodies of Ryan Champion's mother, father, and sister were found inside of the family's Cadiz, Kent. home last month along with that of 22-year-old Vito Riservato. When the bodies were initially discovered, the 36-year-old Champion made it seem like he had survived the shooting. 

"I was able to turn the tables on him," he told WSMV. "He got close enough to me that I could turn the tables, and that was it." 

Champion was arrested on Oct. 31, four days after the shooting. In between, he made Facebook posts about recovering from the incident, while adding that he needed money. A motive for the crime has not been identified, but Champion will return to court in January to face charges for murder, complicity to commit murder, and complicity to commit kidnapping. 

[via Associated Press]