A former U.S. Navy Seal named Robert O’Neill has confirmed that he was indeed the one who shot and killed Osama bin Laden during the famous SEAL Team 6 raid on May 2, 2011.

O’Neill is 38 years old, a native of Montana, and served on the team for almost 15 years at the time of the Bin Laden raid. He had even been a part of the team that rescued Capt. Richard Phillips off the coast of Somalia, which was turned into last year’s Oscar-nominated film Captain Phillips.

As for why he chose to go public with his identity now, O’Neill was called out by the blog SOFREP, which was angry over O’Neill defying the credo of the SEALs and making his battlefield exploits public. He had previously been scheduled to reveal his identity in a two-part interview with Fox News next week, a talk which will likely go forward but will lack much of the intrigue and mystery surrounding the shooter’s identity.


[via Washington Post]